4. News 2008: On line access to journal AEID in SSRN. Euro-American Association of Economic Development Studies.

News November 2008: Articles published by the Euro-American Association of Economic Development Studies in the journal Applied Econometrics and International Development (AEID) are now availabe, at low cost, through Social Science Research Network (SSRN). Articles include data and interesting analyses of Europe, Eurasia, North America, Latin American and Caribbean countries, Northern Africa and Middle East, Subsaharan Africa and Asia-Pacific. Index and access to the articles: http://www.usc.es/economet/index2aeid.htm
Updated 14th November 2010: Articles of our journal AEID at SSRN are free since October of 2010.Free on line: Our journal l IJAEQS is a DOAJ open access journal with articles free downloadable at the journal Website. Some articles published in the other journals of our Association are also free downloable from the journals Website: http://www.usc.es/economet/eaa.htm
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3. Africa: Education, Health Expenditure and international cooperation to development. Euro-American Association Report

International cooperation to development needs more policies addressed to improve education in the low income countries of Africa, because education has very important positive effects on the increase of real income per head and on the increase of health expenditure per inhabitant. The MDGs (Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations) unfortunately did not imply, for the moment, enough support to foster education, although some positive measures have been implemented.

More information at the following interesting report, clicking here and at "download" in the abstract page:
Health Expenditure, Poverty and Economic Development in Africa, 2000-2005
This interesting article has got only 100 readers since the end of 2007 until the end of 2009, in spite that it is free on line, available at our Open Access journal IJAEQS. It is REALLY SAD to notice that very few people reads this kind of interesting solutions for Africa.!!!
The main conclusions of this study point to the priority of international cooperation for education in Africa in order to improve real income per capita, erradicate poverty and increase health expenditure per inhabitant and welfare.

Other interesting articles, in English, on economic development of Africa published in our journals RSES, IJAEQS and AEID, free downloadable, by clicking on the title and then in "download" at the Abstract page, are among othersthe following ones:

Year 2008. "Manufacturing and Economic Development: Inter-sectoral relationships in Europe, America, Africa and Asia-Pacific, 1999-2006," RSES 8-2.

Year 2007. "Education, Development And Health Expenditure In Africa: Estimation Of Cross-Section Model Of 39 Countries In 2000-2005," AEID 7-2

Year 2007. "Industry, Foreign Trade and Development: Econometric Models of Africa, Asia and Latin America 1965-2003," IJAEQS 4-1. 

Year 2007. "Production by sector in Africa, 2000-2005," RSES 7-2

Year 2006. "Health Expenditure, Poverty and Economic Development in Africa, 2000-2005," IJAEQS 3-2

Year 2005. "Human Capital and Economic Development in Africa: An Econometric Analysis for 1950-2002," AEID 5-1

Year 2002. "Education, Industry, Trade and Development of African Countries in 1980-99," AEID 2-2

Year 2001. "Economic Development of African and Asia-Pacific Areas in 1951-99," AEID 1-2

An interesting article on Africa published in the journal REC (Review on Economic Cycles):
 Year 2002. "Economic Growth and Cycles in Asia and Africa in the 20th Century," Review on Economic Cycles, International Association of Economic Cycles, vol. 5(1)

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2. Regional development in Europe: Euro-American Association of Economic Development Studies EAAEDS/AEEADE

Regional Economics: Some interesting articles and documents on regional development in the European Union, America and other areas are free downloadable at the Regional web site

Journal RSES: Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies has been accepted for inclusion in the prestigious index SCOPUS of Elsevier since year 2008. The journal is also indexed in other prestigious international lists: Econ-Lit of the American Economic Association, RSAI of Regional Science Association International, Webec and selected Catalogue of Latindex, among other ones.

Some selected articles, in English, on the development of European Union regions, free downloadable at our journals RSES and AEID are the following ones:

Employment, Population and Regional Development in Western and Central Europe. Econometric Models and Challenges of EU Enlargement, by Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E. (2004)

Education, Research and Manufacturing in EU25: An Inter-Sectoral Econometric Model of 151 European Regions, 1995-2000, by Guisan, M.C. (2004)

Decomposition of global and European socio-economic inequalities with attention to their regional dimensions, by Novotny, J. (2004)

Regional Systems of Innovation and Regional Policy in Europe, Korres, G. M. ; Chionis, D. P.and Staikouras, C. (2004)
Employment and Regional Tourism in Europe, 1990-2000, por Guisan, M.Carmen y Aguayo, Eva (2002)

The Innovation Factor: An Econometric Model of Productivity inEuropean Regions, Vieira, E., Vazquez-Rozas, E. And Neira, I. (2007)

Inter-regional Wage Dispersion in Portugal, Vieira, J.A.C., Couto, J.P.A., Tiago, M.T.B. (2006)

Regions and Low-Wage Mobility in Portugal, 1996-2000, (2004) by Vieira, J.A.C. and Madruga, P. (2004) 

Employment and Regional Development in Italy by Guisan, M. C. and Aguayo, E. (2002)

Employment and Regional Development in France by Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E. (2001)

Employment and Regional Development in Germany by Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E.(2001)

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1. Euro-American Association of Economic Development Studies 2008. World Development Reports of America, Europe and Eurasia, Africa and Asia

Photo 1: Members of the Euro-American Association of Economic Development Studies with Nobel Prize in Economics Lawrence R. Klein, his wife Sonia Klein and international students of the Master of International Sectoral Economics (ISE) in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) in June of 2004.

Photo 2: Maria-Carmen Guisan, Professor of Economics, Editor of the journals published by the Euro-American Association of Economic Development Studies, Director of Master ISE and Administratior of the Blog

Access to Klein´s autobiography at the Nobel site

Professor Lawrence Klein and Professor Maria-Carmen Guisan at the Congress of Economia of Galicia, College of Economists, A Coruña (Spain) in year 1986.

Friendly Welcome Message from Maria-Carmen Guisan Administrator of the Blog:

"Welcome to the Blog of the Euro-American Association of Economid Development Studies (EAAEDS): The Association is committed to reach real impact of socio-economic research related with World development, particular when it is related with education, industrial development, quality of government, poverty eradication or alliviation, women equality of opportunities and quality of life. We are aware that research in Economic Development should not only be addressed to publication in reputed academic journals, read only by a few qualified experts or by advanced students, but also to reach a wider readership of readers interested in economic policies for development. We are also aware that communication media usually pay little attention to the main findings of economics research while many of these media pay too much attention to secondary or even futile questions, For that reasons we include in this Blog references to economic development priorities that arise from the research studies published in the journals of our Associations and other related studies. The entries of this Blogs are addressed to readers interested in peace and international cooperation to development ".

Website of Maria-Carmen Guisan, Professor of Econometrics and Administrator of the Blog of World Development of the Euro-American Association of Economic Development Studies, with free on line access to more than 100 interesting articles on quantitative studies of international development in English, Spanish and other languages at Ideas.Repec: http://www.usc.es/economet/guisan.htm
Our Association also publishes free downloadable articles, on quantitative studies of economic development of OECD countries, Latin America, Africa, Asia and World Development in English in its journals AEID (many articles free downloadable and IJAEQS all free), RSES and EEDI (both in English or Spanish and free for years 2001 to 2006 and some also free since year 2007), and free working papers in English, Spanish and other languages at the home page of our Association
Home of the journals published by the EAAEDS: http://www.usc.es/economet/eaa.htm
The Euro-American Association of Economic Development Studies publishes economics research related with the role of education, industry and other factors on economic development: A general overview of production by sector, population growth, educational level of population by major areas may be found at:
Economic Development of American and European Areas, 1951-1999
Economic Development of African and Asia-Pacific Areas, 1951-1999
More detailed analysis by country within each area, for the period 1980-1999 are free downloadble at:
Development of American Countries, 1980-1999
Development of European and Eurasian Countries, 1980-1999
Development of African Countries, 1980-1999
Development of Asia and Pacific Countries, 1980-1999
Updates: New articles present analysis of World Development for the period 2000-2015 and onwards, as cited in several entries of this Blogs.

To access these articlesi firstly click on the title, and then on "download" at the abstract page of each article.
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