37. Selected Readings on World Development in journal AEID: Europe and Eurasia, 2001-2020

                                                          Updates 4th November 2021

          Articles on Europe and Eurasia published in year 2021

Volume 21-1

Subjective Well-being In Italian Regions: A Panel Data Approach, Magazzino, Cosimo; Leogrande, Angelo Abstract

                               ARTICLES PUBLISHED FOR THE PERIOD 2001-2020

Here we include the lists and links (to the abstract and full text of the article) to some selected articles related with economic development of Europe and Eurasia, publised in AIED. Table 1 includes some articles of the period 2006-2020 and table 2 some articles of the period 2001-2005.

Table 1: Some selected articles on Europe and Eursia, published for the period 2006-2020

Guisan, M.C. (2020)


Martini, B. (2020)
Industrial developmen and CO2 emissions in 6 european countries, 1960-2016: france, germany, italy, spain, switzerland and uk, Guisan, M.C. Abstract
Resilience, resistance and recoverability, regional economic structure and human capital in Italy. Are they related?a Martini, Barbara Abstract
Karras, G. (2019)
“Twins” Or Just “Siblings”? Budget and Current Account Deficits in Europe, 1870-2013. Abstract
Jareño, F., Escribano, A., Cuenca, A. (2019)
 Macroeconomic Variables And Stock Markets: An International Study Of Five European Countries And The United States. Abstract
Guisan, M.C.,
Exposito, P. (2018)
Economic Development Problems and Crises in the European Union, 2005-2015. Abstract
Guzev, M.M., Ledeneva, M.V., Paksunova, T.A.
Main Tendencies In The Development Of Human Capital In The Russian Federation, 2011-2016. Abstract
Dimitriou, G., Metaxas, T. (2017)
The Collapse Of Icelandic Banks: Was It Really A Surprise?. 
Charlo, M.J., Nuñez, M., Sanchez-Apellaniz, M.(2016)
Delimitation, Description And Success Factors Of Family Businesses In Spain. An European Comparison.  Abstract

Skiter, N.,
Semenychev, V.,
Litvinova, T.N.
Model of Economic Growth in Russia under Conditions of Integration into the World Economy, Skiter, N., Semenychev, V., Litvinova, T.N. Abstract
Marques, M.,
Pinho, C.

Effects of Corporate Taxation and Bilateral Tax Treaties on European Multinationals’ Investment. A Multi-Country Analysis, 2005-2009, Marques, M., Pinho, C Abstract  

Guisan, M.C., Vazquez-Rozas, E. (2013)
Employment, Productivity And Wages In European Regions: Econometric Model Of 96 Nuts-1 In Year 2010, Guisan, M.C., Vazquez, E. Abstract  
Sanchez-Diez, A.,
Ruiz-Huelamo, P.
Relationships between EU-MERCOSUR: Analysis of Economic Complementarities in Association Agreement, Sanchez-Diez, A., Ruiz-Huelamo, P. Abstract
Guisan, M.C. (2011)

Industry, Foreign Trade and Employment in EU Countries; Comparison of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK  with the United States. Abstract   
Portela, M.,
Neira, I. (2011)
Quantify Trust In The European Countries.   Abstract
Guisan, M.C.,
Aguayo, E.(2011)
Women Participation, Quality of Government and Economic Development in Europe, 2000-2007.   Abstract
Romocea-Turcu, C. (2010)
Does sectors’ distribution at the European NUTS 2 level fit into a Von Thünen framework?. Abstract
Neira, I. (2009)
An Empirical Approach to Trust and Growth in the European Countries. Abstract
Guisan, M.C. (2009)
Government Effectiveness, Education, Economic Development and Well-Being: Analysis of European Countries in Comparison with the United States and Canada, 2000-2007. Abstract
Somarriba, N.,
Pena, J.B. (2008)
Quality of Life and Subjective Welfare in Europe: An Econometric Analysis. Abstract
Bildirici, M.,
Ersin, O.O.,
Aykac, E. (2008)
An Empirical Analysis of Debt Policies, External Dependence, Inflation and Crisis In the Ottoman Empire and Turkey: 1800-2005 Period. Abstract
Peeters, H.M.M., Den Reijer, A.H.J: (2008)
On Wage Formation, Wage Development and Flexibility: A Comparison Between European Countries and The United States. Abstract                                 
Guisan, M.C.,
Aguayo, E.
Wages, Productivity and Human Capital In The European Union: Econometric Models And Comparison With The USA 1985-2005. Abstract
Guisan, M.C., Cancelo, M.T. (2006)
Employment and Productivity in the European Union and Comparison with the USA, 1985-2005: Analysis of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. Abstract
Miteza, I. (2006)
Devaluation and Output in Five Transition Economies: A panel Cointegration Approach of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, 1993-2000.  Abstract               

Table 2: Some selected articles on Europe and Eurasia, published for the period 2001-2005
Ogloblin, C.
The Gender Earnings Differential in Russia After a Decade of Economic Transition. Abstract  
Cosar, N.,
Bildirici, M.
Some Comparisons Between Turkey and OECD Countries: Productivity, Education and Taxation, 1960-2000, Cosar, N. and Bildirici, M. Abstract
Frias, I., Iglesias, A., Vazquez-Rozas, E. (2005)
The Effects of the Enlargement of the EU: The Mobility of Factors of Production.   Abstract  
Guisan, M.C.,
Aguayo, E.
Employment, Population and Regional Development in Western and Central Europe. Econometric Models and Challenges of EU Enlargement Abstract
Frias, I., Iglesias, A. (2004)
Economic Consequences of the EU Enlargement to Eastern Europe: Lessons from the Past.  Abstract
Zagler, M.
The Dynamics of Economic Growth and  Unemployment  in major European Countries: Analysis of  Okun´s Law. Abstract
Guisan, M.C.,
Aguayo, E. (2003)
Education, Industry, Trade and Development of  European and Eurasian Countries in 1980-99. Abstract 
Guisan, M.C., Aguayo, E.
Economic Development of American and European Areas in 1951-99  Abstract