3. Africa: Education, Health Expenditure and international cooperation to development. Euro-American Association Report

International cooperation to development needs more policies addressed to improve education in the low income countries of Africa, because education has very important positive effects on the increase of real income per head and on the increase of health expenditure per inhabitant. The MDGs (Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations) unfortunately did not imply, for the moment, enough support to foster education, although some positive measures have been implemented.

More information at the following interesting report, clicking here and at "download" in the abstract page:
Health Expenditure, Poverty and Economic Development in Africa, 2000-2005
This interesting article has got only 100 readers since the end of 2007 until the end of 2009, in spite that it is free on line, available at our Open Access journal IJAEQS. It is REALLY SAD to notice that very few people reads this kind of interesting solutions for Africa.!!!
The main conclusions of this study point to the priority of international cooperation for education in Africa in order to improve real income per capita, erradicate poverty and increase health expenditure per inhabitant and welfare.

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