31. Blogs of Economists: Econacademics and international lists by language

                                Blogs of Economistas around the World. Map source.
Here we include some selected lists of Economy´s Blogs, which contribute
to divulgation of interesting findings of Economics research. We may 
also include other interesting links to socio-economic development Webs, 
particularly if they include figures o graphs of international comparisons. 
1). Econ-Academics
Blogs related with authors with research included at 
Econ-Academics presents an interesting lists of Blogs related 
with  Economics researchers, classified by language. The list 
on 17th March of 2018 includes 724 Blogs, of which 
531 are in English,
45 in Spanish,
26 in French, 
20 in German,
19 in Portuguese
15 in Italian
12 in Swedish
and less than 10 in other languages (Russian, Chinese, Japanese 
and other ones). 

16418 links from 11088
posts to 11383 distinct RePEc items have been found in 724

This Blog of the Euro-American Association appears in the list with the name:
"Euro-American Association: World Development"
It includes links to  the following entries of this Blog:
2) Other interesting lists of Economy´s Blogs

  List of European Blogs of Economy, published by Henning Meyeron 3rd April 2012.  
The list includes several Blogs in English and a few in other European languages.

Henning Meyer is Editor-in-Chief of Social Europe and a Research Associate of the Public Policy Group at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He is also Director of the consultancy New Global Strategy Ltd. and frequently writes opinion editorials for international newspapers such as The Guardian, DIE ZEIT, The New York Times and El Pais.

European Economics Blogs

(focussing on economic issues mainly from an international perspective)
Kantoos Economics
The A-List@Financial Times
Economists Forum@Financial Times
Andrew Watt@Social Europe Journal
George Irvin@Social Europe Journal
Centre for European Reform Blog
Bruegel Blog
Economics Intelligence
Karl Whelan
Yanis Varoufakis
A Fistful of Euros
Alpha Sources
Financial Guy
Stumbling and Mumbling

Important National Economics Blogs: The list includes Blogs of Ireland, UK, German, Spain, France, Belgium, Greece and other ones.

List of Blogs of Economy in Spanish: Please see our Blogs in Spanish, with references to Spain and Latin America.
https://economiaydesarrollo-eeg.blogspot.com.es (Spain)
https://economiaydesarrollointernacional.blogspot.com.es (International with particular focus on Latin America)

Lists of Blogs of Economy in French

Other Blogs with News on Economic Development
The World Bank, and other Institutions, include many links to hundreds of Bloggers sepcialized in particular topics, with news related with the topic. At the Website there is the option to "Choose Blog", where the reader can find Blogs classified by geographical area (Africa, Latin America, etc.) or by particular topics (Education and Development, for example). 

Article by McKenzie,D. and Berk, O. (2011) "The impact of economics blogs", showing  the positive effects of interesting Blogs written by economists. They state:
"First, links from bLOGS cause a striking increase in the number of abstract views and downloads of economics papers. Second, blogging raises the profile of the blogger ... Finally, we find that a blog can transform attitudes about some of the topics it covers. The article is available at Ideas.Repec: https://ideas.repec.org/p/wbk/wbrwps/5783.html