25. World development in 2000-2015: Countries by income level and international comparisons by Euro-American Association

                                  World Atlas and List of countries by income level

The Euro-American Association of Economic Development Studies, has published, since year 2001, hundreds of interesting studies on international comparisons and World development. Some, out of many interesting articles, in this regard are the following ones, of the period 2010-2015, free downloadable at the journal Website and at Ideas.Repec:

Year 2014
Manufacturing and Development in Countries and Areas of America, 2000-2010. Guisan, M.C., Aguayo, E.. Abstract

World Development, 2000-2010: Production, Investment and Savings In 21 Areas of America, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe and Eurasia, Guisan, M.C  Abstract

Econometric Model of Manufacturing, Investment and Development In 30 Countries of Asia-Pacific, Guisan, M.C., Aguayo, E., Exposito, P.  Abstract

Year 2013
 Industry, Productivity, Employment and Development in 96 European Regions, 2005-2010, Guisan, M.C., Cancelo, M.T.  Abstract

Year 2012
Investment, Poverty and Development in Asia-Pacific Countries: Econometric Models and Evolution, 2000-2010, Guisan, M.C., Exposito, P. Abstract
 Year 2010
 Health Expenditure, Education, Government Effectiveness and Quality of Life in Africa and Asia, Guisan, M.C. and Exposito, P.  Abstract