23-1. World Development 2000-2010 in 21 Areas: article of journal RSES 2014

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International Comparisons
AEID 14-1:  On The Impact Of Public Debt On Economic Growth In 23 Countries, 1996-2007, Dar, A.A., Amirkhalkhali, S.A.
AEID 14-2: Time Dynamics of Stabilization Theories and Responses to Debt and Financial Crises: An Analysis of Mexico, Argentina, Nigeria and Ghana, 1960-2011, Warburton, C.E.S. 

European Studies
AEID14-1: Industry, Productivity, Employment and Development in 96 European Regions, 2005-2010, Guisan, M.C., Cancelo, M.T.  
AEID 14-2. Expatriates Performance and Permanence: Analysis by Gender of 124 Spanish Managers , Bastida, M., Cancelo, M.T.  
AEID 14-2: Foreign Direct Investment of Spain in Latin America: Brazil, Argentina And Mexico, Martinez, E., Jareño, F.  
MENA countries
AEID 14-1: Are Exports and Imports Cointegrated? Evidence from Nine MENA Countries, Husein, J. 

AEID14-2. Econometric Model of Manufacturing, Investment and Development In 30 Countries of Asia-Pacific, Guisan, M.C., Aguayo, E., Exposito, P.