6. Cooperation with ICFAI Books of India and other news for readers. Euro-American Association of Economic Development Studies, 2009.

Our Association is glad to cooperate with the interesting publications of the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts, ICFAI, of Hyderabad (India) with several chapters in books and, particularly, with this full book, edited by the President of our Association, Professor Maria-Carmen Guisan, on the role of Demand and Supply on Macro-Econometrics Models. The book includes interesting contributions for development policies, by outstanding authors who have previously published related articles in our journal AEID, in the following chapters:

1. Maria-Carmen GUISAN (Spain): The Role of Demand and Supply in Economic Development
2. Abbas VALADKHANI (Australia): Macroeconometric Modelling Approches and Experiences in Developing Countries.
3. Maria-Carmen GUISAN (Spain): Human Capital, Trade and Development in India, China, Japan and other Asian Countries, 1960-2002. Econometric Models and Causality Effects.
4. S. Venkata SESHAIAH and Srivya VUYYURI (India): Savings and Investment in India. A Cointegration Approach.
5. Maria-Carmen GUISAN and Pilar EXPOSITO (Spain): Human Capital and Development in Africa. Econometric Models and Evolution, 1950-2002.
6. Giorgios KARRAS (USA): Trade Opennes and Economic Growth Revisited. An Updated Estimate of the Long-Run Effect.
7. Felicitas NOWAK-LEHMANN D (Germany): Trade Policy and its Impact on Economic Growth: The Chilean Experience in the Period 1960-1998.
8. RAJAGOPAL (Mexico): Institutional Reforms and Trade-Competitiveness in Latin America.
9. Maria-Carmen GUISAN and Maria-Teresa CANCELO (Spain): Econometric Models of Foreign Trade in OECD Countries.
10. Laszlo MATYAS, Laszlo KONYA and Mark N. HARRIS (Hungary and Australia): Modelling Export Activity of Eleven APEC Countries, 1978-1997.
11. Juan PIÑEIRO, Haider A. KHAN, David N. MELIKIYAN and Artur TAMAZIAN (Spain and USA): Financial Market Efficiency, Institutions and Growth: An International Econometric Analysis for 1997-2002.

Other Messages for Readers. Updated on July of 2009:
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