38. Selected Readings on World Development in journal AEID: America, 2001-2020

We include lists and links to some selected articles published in the period 2001-2020. Table 1 includes articles of the period 2001-2005 and table 2 corresponds to the period 2006-2020.

Table 2. Some selected articles on economic development of America, 2006-2020
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Cities Versus Suburbs: The Post 2000 Dynamics Of Population And Employment In U.S. Metro Areas,  Abstract

 Reactivating the dynamism of MERCOSUR: A monetary approachAbstract
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Long-Run Sustainability of Current Account Balance: Evidence from Twenty North and Latin American Economies, Husein, J., Pier, C.. Abstract
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Are Trade Agreement Groups Working in South America?  Abstract

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Trade Treaties and Deglobalization: Analysis of USA Agreements for Increasing Welfare and Sustainable Development. Abstract
Jareño, F.,
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A Straightforward Analysis of Sector Portfolios in the US Stock Market.  Abstract

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 Latin American Remittances Dependence On External ShocksAbstract
Edwards, J.A.,
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Supporting the Development of Municipal Water Policy: A study of the United States with Implications for Other Nations, Edwards, J.A., Romero, A.A., Pumphrey, R.G.Abstract
Marr, A., Leon, J., Ponce, F. (2014)
Financial Inclusion of the Poor in Peru: Explanatory factors and determinants. Abstract
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Gender differences between remittances and labor participation in developing countries: A cross-section analysis of Colombia in year 2008Abstract
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Globalization and Structural Change in the US Manufacturing Sector, 1987-2010. Abstract

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Does Foreign Direct Investment cause long run Economic Growth? Evidence from the Latin America and the Caribbean Countries. Abstract

Castillo-Ponce, R.A., Rodriguez-Espinosa, M.L., García-Meneses, E. (2011)
The Importance of Macroeconomic Conditions on Remittances in the Long-run and in the Short-run: the Case of MexicoAbstract

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Education, Gender Equality, Social Well-Being and Economic Development in American Countries, 2000-2010. Abstract
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Storms, Climate Change, and the US Economy: A National Analysis, Saad-Lessler, J. and Tselioudis, G.Abstract

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Poverty, Government Transfers, and the Business Cycle: Evidence for The United StatesAbstract
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Economic Integration In North AmericaAbstract
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The Free Trade Agreement Between Chile and The EU: Its Potential Impact on Chile’s Export Industry. Abstract

Roache, S.K. (2006)
Domestic Investment and the Cost of Capital in the Caribbean.  Abstract

Table 1. Some selected articles on economic development of America, 2001-2005
Trade Competitiveness, Productivity and Institutional Reforms in Latin America, 1950-2003-  Abstract
Guisan, M.C.,
Aguayo, E. (2005)
Industry and Economic Development in Latin America, 1980-2002. Abstract
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Growth-Inequality Relationship. An Analytical Approach and Some Evidence for Latin America. Abstract 

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Trade Policy and its Impact On Economic Growth: The Chilean Experience in the Period of 1960 to 1998. Abstract 
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Education, Industry, Trade and Development of American Countries in 1980-99 Abstract
Aguayo, E.
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Econometric model of Services Sector Development and Impact of Tourism in Latin American Countries. Abstract