12. Euro-American Association on Education and Government Quality: Clerc´s story of a frog against social manipulation

Readers may see the video in English in this entry or by clicking here. To see an interview in English to the author of the "story of a frog", the philosopher from Switzeralnd, Olivier Clerc, click here. There are other versions in  French, Spanish and Italian.

In entry 13 of our Spanish Blog there is also a link to a nice and interesting video on "Education in Finland", explaining how the educational level of population usually contributes to increase the quality of government, selection of advisors and voice of citizens  In the right column of that blog there are links to several videos related with economic development and quality of life.

The Video of the  "Story of a Frog" tell us about the importance of Citizens Voice in Government Quality. Education usually contributes to foster Citizens Voice and Government Effectiveness. Econometrics research also shows those positive effects. Educated population has an important role to avoid manipulation of public opinion and to foster good quality of life for all.
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