33. Lecture of Nobel Prize Finn Kydland on World Development at the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) 8th June 2018

           Photo at the Faculty of Economics of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) on 8th June 2018.
From left to right: Prof. Finn Kydland, Prof. Maria-Carmen Guisan, Prof. Emilia Vazquez-Rozas

     Professor Finn Kydland has been invited to lecture at our university (USC) on 8th June of 2018, within a series of lecture on Science. He has chosen interesting contents related with macroeconomics and World development. His lecture is on line in English and Spanish at the USC-TV:

http://tv.usc.es/mmobj/index/file_id/6333  (English)
http://tv.usc.es/mmobj/index/id/3620     (Spanish)

There was an interesting introduction to the lecture by Professor Jaume Gil Aluja and Professor Jorge Mira, coordinator of the Science Program of Lectures at the USC.

There are interesting links to contents related with Professor Finn Kydland:

Nobel Prize Website; Kydland´s facts
Nobel Prize Website: Kydland´s lecture


Interview at "On the Record" (Dallas Fed.)

In his visit to the University there was a an interesting meeting with a representation of the Faculty of Economics. Among the members of this representation where the two professors that appear in the photo: Emilia Vazquez-Rozas (Dean of the Faculty), and  the editor of this Blog, Professor of Econometrics Ad Honorem, Maria-Carmen Guisan.