54. News 2024: Articles on International Development published in AEID and RSES


Newly accepted articles for year 2024 in our journals AEID and RSES, Vol. 24-1 and 24-2

AEID Volume 24-1 (year 2024, 1st semester) 

Gender analysis of the global labour market and comparative analysis of kazakhstan, 2019-2021, Kuanysh ALPYSBAYEV, Aizhan MUKHAMADIYEVA, Meruert KANABEKOVA, Arailym ORAZGALIYEVA, Balapanova ELMIRA  Abstract

Investment Policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan: Main Directions and Development Trends, Nurzan DEMEUOV, Ainur ISSAYEVA, Ardak YESDAULETOVA Abstract

Productivity and Regional Trade.the Relationship in South America1960-2011. Susana HERRERO-OLARTE Abstract

Economic and Industrial Development of the Periphery: A Comparison between High-Performing Asian Economies and Latin America, 1950-2019. Juan E. SANTARCANGELO, Noelia ABBATE Abstract

Economic Freedom, Financial Development and Foreign Direct Investment Inflows in African Countries, 2007-2018, Zewdie Habte SHIKUR  Abstract

Casual Nexus between Remittances Inflow and its Determinants: Evidence from the South and South-East Asian LMICs. Angana Parasar SARMA, Krishna MUNIYOOR Abstract

The Degree of Competitiveness of Islamic Banks Compared to Commercial Banks in Kuwait, Mohamed ALAWIN Abstract

Role of Individual, Cultural and Socio-Economic variables on Female Labor Force Participation in India: A regional analysis using multinomial logit model, 2021-2022. Deepika SHARMA, Deepak BEHERA Abstract

Economic Literature on Financial Vulnerability of Low-Income Households: Review and Future Research Agenda, FERNÁNDEZ-LÓPEZ, Sara ÁLVAREZ-ESPIÑO, Marcos ,REY-ARES, Lucía

Bibliometric Analysis of Financial Distress Prediction: Exploring Research Trends and Advancements, Soumya Ranjan SETHI,  Dushyant Ashok MAHADIK

RSES. Volume 24-1 (year 2024, 1at semester)

Articles in English RSES 24-1

Iberian Socio-Economic Characterization in 2019 based on the Regional Distribution of Population and Gross Domiestic Product Data, Maria-Gema FLORES-POLAN, Luis Fernando, DE LA MACORRA   Abstract

 Evaluating the Role of Sustainable Tourism in Regional Development: Evidence from Armenia, Gayane TOVMASYAN, Marine GEVORGYAN Abstract

 Challenges for Employment from Covid Imported Reverse Migration: An Empirical Study of the  the Indian  State of Bihar, Ramun PRASAD and Deepak Kumar BEHERA Abstract

 Comparison of the Impact of Green Credit and Other Forms of Financing on Agriculture and Agricultural Exports in Vietnam, Ngoc VAN PHAM, Thi Vinh NGUYEN Abstract

 Factors Affecting Income Inequality in Vietnam from 2010 to 2020: Empirical Evidence from Provincial level, Dinh Tue Thu VAN, Xuan Truong PHAM Abstract

Articles in Spanish RSES 24-1

Crecimiento económico y gasto militar en Ecuador, 1960-2019: un enfoque de cointegración y causalidad, Maria-Gabrielle CUEVA Abstract

Aproximación a la dinámica exportadora de Australia reciente. Un ejercicio de comparación con Argentina. Damián BIL.  Abstract

Apertura comercial y su efecto en el empleo de un país en vías de desarrollo: el caso peruano, BRAVO-AMBROCIO, Linda, BALLENA, Víctor

 AEID 24-2 (year 2024, 2nd semester)

International Comparisons

Pathways from Poverty: The correlates and probabilities of penury life in 131 countries, 1980-2022,  Christopher E.S. WARBURTON


Analysis Of Imports And Exports Of A Separate Group Of Pharmaceutical Products Of The Russian Federation  Based On Cumulative Curves From 2010 To 2021, Alina R. SHAIKHISLAMOVA, Natalia A. GASRATOVA

Intellectual Property and International Technology Transfer: Kazakhstani Experience, Meirzhan TULEPOV,  Kamilla SHERYAZDANOVA

Unlocking the Potential: A Comparative Analysis of the Expansion of Mutual Agriculture Exports in the OTS Countries, Firdovsi FIKRETZADE, Hamza KHALILOV, Ramil HUSEYN, Seadet HAJIYEVA.


Estimation of a production function of Brazil  with domestic and foreign capital stock. Thomas H.W. ZIESEMER,

Inequality, Commodity Prices and Minimum Wages in the Andean Countries, Susana HERRERO.OLARTE, Fabián VILLARREAL-SOSA

 Public universities and regional economy in Ecuador: A panel data study, Patricia HERNÁNDEZ-MEDINA, Juan Chogllo TENEZACA, Gabriel RAMÍREZ-TORRES


Heterogeneous panel causality between air transport and economic growth: The case of East Africa, 1981-2021, Zwedie SHIKUR


Analyzing the Impact of Fiscal Policy EffIcacy on Inflation Trends in Jordan between 1995 and 2022, Khaled Abdalla Moh’d AL-TAMIMI

The effect of Health Expenditures on Health Outcomes:  A Panel study of 9 Asian developing countries, 2000-2019, Abhishek KUMAR,   Deepika SHARMA

Identifying the Determinants of Indebtedness in Rural Telangana: A Quantile Regression Approach,  Subhendu DUTTA


RSES 24-2 (year 2024, 2nd semester)

                                                           Articles in English Rses 24-2

A Study Of Finland’s Experience In The Development Of The Forest Industry, Sergey O. MEDVEDEV, Mikhail A. ZYRYANOV

Impacts of export subsidies on non-oil exports  – Evidence from Azerbaijan, Ramil HUSEYN, Namig SHALBUZOV, Coshgun CAFAROV

Cross-border linkages between the global rubber spot and futures markets: India, Malaysia and Thailand, 2016-2022. Abhaya Kumar KEPULAJE , Prakash PINTO , Cristi SPULBAR , Ramona BIRAU , Iqbal Thonse HAWLDAR , Peter Fernandes WANKE, and Yong TAN

Industrial Targeting in Indonesia: An Empirical Approach for Growth Diagnostics, Muhammad Arditya RINDIMAJANGGA

A comparative study of practices in the handicraft industry: the case of Colombia and Ecuador in terms of competitiveness, Gustavo Adolfo RUBIO-RODRIGUEZ

Determinants Of Financial And Digital Inclusion In Households In Bahia Blanca,  Sofia ORAZI,   Lisana B. MARTINEZ, Hernán P. VIGIER


Articles in Spanish, Rses 24-2

Propuesta de utilización de energías renovables en zonas apartadas de Colombia, Diego Alejandro HERNÁNDEZ-RÍOS, Oscar Leonardo ACOSTA-OCHOA, Gustavo Adolfo SALAS-OROZCO

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