2. Regional development in Europe: Euro-American Association of Economic Development Studies EAAEDS/AEEADE

Regional Economics: Some interesting articles and documents on regional development in the European Union, America and other areas are free downloadable at the Regional web site

Journal RSES: Regional and Sectoral Economic Studies has been accepted for inclusion in the prestigious index SCOPUS of Elsevier since year 2008. The journal is also indexed in other prestigious international lists: Econ-Lit of the American Economic Association, RSAI of Regional Science Association International, Webec and selected Catalogue of Latindex, among other ones.

Some selected articles, in English, on the development of European Union regions, free downloadable at our journals RSES and AEID are the following ones:

Employment, Population and Regional Development in Western and Central Europe. Econometric Models and Challenges of EU Enlargement, by Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E. (2004)

Education, Research and Manufacturing in EU25: An Inter-Sectoral Econometric Model of 151 European Regions, 1995-2000, by Guisan, M.C. (2004)

Decomposition of global and European socio-economic inequalities with attention to their regional dimensions, by Novotny, J. (2004)

Regional Systems of Innovation and Regional Policy in Europe, Korres, G. M. ; Chionis, D. P.and Staikouras, C. (2004)
Employment and Regional Tourism in Europe, 1990-2000, por Guisan, M.Carmen y Aguayo, Eva (2002)

The Innovation Factor: An Econometric Model of Productivity inEuropean Regions, Vieira, E., Vazquez-Rozas, E. And Neira, I. (2007)

Inter-regional Wage Dispersion in Portugal, Vieira, J.A.C., Couto, J.P.A., Tiago, M.T.B. (2006)

Regions and Low-Wage Mobility in Portugal, 1996-2000, (2004) by Vieira, J.A.C. and Madruga, P. (2004) 

Employment and Regional Development in Italy by Guisan, M. C. and Aguayo, E. (2002)

Employment and Regional Development in France by Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E. (2001)

Employment and Regional Development in Germany by Guisan, M.C. and Aguayo, E.(2001)

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