46. CO2 Total Emissions in the World 1970-2015: Europe, United States, China, India and other ones

Source: Guisan and Exposito(2020). Applied Econometrics and International Development, Vol.20-2 

The article shows that 87% of increase in Total World CO2 Emissions, for the period 1970-2015, were due to Population Growth while the World average of CO2 Emissions per capita explains only 13% of the total increase. Besides it is important to have into account the effects of Wild Fires, because excluding the effect of those fires, the average per capita diminished from 4.23 to 4.0 Tm per inhabitant.

Accordingly to Guisan, Aguayo and Exposito (2001), Guisan and Neira(2006) and other studies, it is important to foster international cooperation for increase financial help to education in low income countries, because it is the best way to get sustainable development with moderation of high rates of population growth and improvement of economic development, health assistance and poverty eradication.

The main industrialized countries of the European Union have diminished, not only in per capita terms, but also CO2 Total Emissions, given is moderate rate of population growth. Total Emissions of CO2 have diminished in 475 million Tms in a group fo 6 industrialized European Countries (France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, United Kingdom and Spain), for the period 1970-2015.

More information at Applied Econometrics and International Development, Vol. 20-1.

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