40. Journal RSES on Ecopnomic Development: Lists of articles 2001-2020 and Editorial Board

The following tables include links to interesting free downloadable articles published in English in  the journal REGIONAL AND SECTORAL ECONOMIC STUDIES for the period 2001-2020. Lists of articles of this journal published in Spanish will appear at the Blog in Spanish of our Euro-American Association of Economic Development Studies

Table 1. Articles published for the period 2018-2019
Geographical Area: Title
Behera, D.K. Abstract

Asia: Determinants of Employment Potential in Industrial Sector: An Indian Perspective ,
Chernopiatov,A.M.,Akhmetov,L.A., Djuraev,D.M.  Abstract

Eurasia: Peculiarities Of State Property In The Economy Of Russia
De La Torre, E. M., Perez-Esparrells, C,, Casani, F. Abstract

Europe: The Policy Approach For The Third Mission Of Universities: The Spanish Case (1983 – 2018, 
Dong, Q., Murakami, T. Nakashima, Y.  Abstract
Asia: Estimating China’s Agricultural Capital Stock from 1952 to 2012
Escriba-Perez, F.J.; Murgui-Garcia, M.J. Abstract 

Europe: Total Factor Productivity Convergence in European Regions: The role of sectors and geographical location
Fayaz, M., Kaur, S. Abstract

Asia: The Determinants Of High-Tech Exports Of India: An Empirical Analysis
Gamarra-Echenique, V.  Abstract

America: Sectoral Composition of Growth and Poverty Reduction in Peru: A Regional Approach (2001-2016),
Guisan, M.C. Abstract
America: World Development Report 2019:America,
Guisan, M.C. Abstract

Europe: Notable Spanish Women Economists: Pioneers, Doctoral Supervisors of Applied Economics and Top Researchers, 1975-2018
Mitrofanova, I. V. Kudrevich, V. V., Ivanov, N. P., Batmanova, V.V., Mitrofanova,  I. A. Abstract
Eurasia: Comparative Analisis Of The Dynamics Of Social And Economic Development Of Regions And Federal Districts Of The Russian Federation
Mora, J.J., Cendales, A. Abstract

America: Employment  and Development in Cali and the Valley of Cauca: Evolution and A Spatial Econometric Analysis
Olmos-Martínez, E., Rodríguez-Rodríguez, G.,  Salas, S, Ortega-Rubio, A.  Abstract
America: Impact of the implementation of a protected area on the well-being of a rural community in Baja California Sur
Popodko, G.I., Zimnyakova, T.S., Ulina, S.L., Sumina, E.V., Bukharov, A.V.   Abstract 
Eurasia: Modeling the Innovative Performance of Resource Areas: Analysis of 22 Russian Regions
Ramon-Dangla, R., Yáñez-Muñoz, L.  Abstract

Europe: How The Public Spending On  Defense Can Affect Business Survival? The Case Of Shipbuilding In Spain
Reina-Bermúdez, E., Santa-Tsamaren, L.M. Abstract

America: Regional and sectoral effects of  Natural Resource Booms: Interrelationships in Peru, 2001-2015 
Serrano, M.F., Perez-Ruiz,D.D., Garcia-Cuellar, D.A.  Abstract

America: Development and road improvement: hope during post-conflict in Colombia 
Volkov, S.K., Gushchina, E.G., Vitalyeva, E.M. Abstract

Eurasia: Asynchrony Formation 4.0 Industry In The Russian Regions
Warburton, C.E.S. Abstract

America: Human Capital, Divergent opportunities, and development in the US


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EDITORIAL BOARD: Management Team and Advisory Board
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Secretaries: Dra. Eva Aguayo. USC.
Dra. Pilar Exposito. USC.
Master Rodrigo Gardella. Frankfurt (Germany)
Dra. Isabel Neira, USC (Spain)
Scientific Advisory Board
Dr. Jesús Cavero. Professor of Applied Economics. University of Valladolid, Spain
Dr. Raymond Courbis. Director de GAMA, Universidad de París-Nanterre. France
Dr. Riccardo Cappellin. Professor of Economics. Roma. Italy
Dra. Josefa Fernández-Arufe. Professor of Applied Economics. University of Valladolid, Spain
Dr. Thomas Fullerton, JPMorgan Chase Professor of Economics, UTEP, University of Texas at El Paso, TX, USA
Dr. Theodore Metaxas  Lecturer, Department of Economics, Univesity of Thessaly, Greece
Dra. Debasri Mukherjee,  Associate Professor in Economics, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, MI, USA
Dra. Lucía Navarro. Professor of Applied Economics. University of Málaga, Spain
Dr. Reinaldo Padrao. Lecturer. Instituto Empresarial A Maia. Oporto. Portugal.
Dr. Bernardo Pena Trapero. Emeritus Professor of Econometrics. Alcalá de Henares, Spain
Dr. Andrés Rodríguez-Pose. Reader in Economic Geography. London School of Economics , UK.
Dr. Miguel Roig. Professor of Applied Economics. University of Valencia. Spain
Dr. Venkata S. Seshaiah. Professor of Economics. ICFAI University, Hyderabad, India

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